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Avantages : Flexibilité, Partout, A tout moment


Advantages: Flexibility, Anywhere, Anytime


Whatever the type of class you are looking form we can offer you what you need and tailor ot to your need.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can best answer your needs.


Whether you choose to learn French or Dutch, here are the types of classes we offer:

General Language


This is a class for everyone who needs to learn the basics of a language.

Business Language


You need to learn the language for business or tradem so that you can better negotiate with your partner.


Understanding a business letter, a business contract, a business document written in a foreign language will have no mysteries for you.


You will discover the language, but also the inter-cultural attitudes that will avoid you making any faux-pas in your negotiations.


Medical Language


You need the medical language in your job, to understand your patients who do not master your language, to read documents written in another language.


Studio Langues will help you dicover and master that language.

Language for tourism


You have a hotel or a quest house, you welcome foreigners, you are a tourist guide and you are lacking confidence in the languages...


You would like to read guide books in a foreign language.


This course is for you !

Language for cooking


Reading a cooking recipe in a foreign language has always been a problem for you...

What are the correspondances between te measures and the cuts in meat in the recipes you are wishing to try.

Where can I fin the proper ingrdients.


Or simply you wish to learn a language while cooking at the same time


You are looking to open a hotel and/or a restaurant, and you are lacking the language for the table and the rooms, writing a menu in different languages.


You can find all of this here

Language and culture


You master the language and wish to discover the literature and history of the country... you would like to know more about the people who made the country of the language you are learning.

You would like to read authentic documents, but are lacking confidence and would like some help of where to find them and what are the most interesting ones.


This class will help you discover the main novelists, read some of them, as well as discover the culture of the country,

Classes in companies


We also organise classes within the companies.

We would adapt them to the needs of your company.


Contact us for more details.